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Once the carpet is damaged with water, it will release a foul odour with time. Hence, treating it immediately is quite essential. Thus, Flood Damage Restoration Sydney is a locally-owned team for treating flooded carpet odours. Furthermore, we are safe and productive in every method we operate with. Ring us on 02 4062 9404 for a unique carpet deodorization service in Sydney.

When is the best time to Deodorize your flooded carpets? 

Your carpet can start smelling foul depending on several factors. The foul smell of carpet can be due to the growth of mould, mildew, water spills, odour due to stains, liquid odour, pet stains, etc. Hence, one should start with deodorizing the flooded carpet only after it turns dry completely. Hence, cleaning the carpet thoroughly is vital, as accumulated dust and stain develop odour in it. Therefore, once the carpet dries perfectly, it should be deodorized immediately.

Problems solved by our Carpet Deodorization Sydney Team

The unfresh environment of the house

The carpet odours make the environment of your house unfresh. Smelling a foul smell affects the mood and mentality to a greater extent. Moreover, it also affects your reputation in front of the guests. Thus, our carpet deodorization service regains the freshness in your house.

Destruction of a variety of odours

Your carpet may come across several types of odour attacks. Several types of odours are treated at home while some are not. Our professional odour removal service is proficient to deal with all kinds of stains and odours severity. Moreover, we can safely treat all types of carpet fabric.

Removal of the sources of carpet odour

There can be several sources of carpet odour like food stains, pet stains, cigarette smoke, etc. Moreover, the carpet deodorization service can remove the sources of odour. Consequently, the removal of odour sources will avoid the formation of the odour back into the carpet.

What is involved in our Carpet Deodorization?

Ozone generators for rapid odour removal

We use ozone generators for eliminating carpet odours. At first, the ozone generator generates the ozone by breaking the molecules of oxygen. Furthermore, these molecules work efficiently on gaseous pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and kill the odour of the carpet.

Essential Oils

Essential oil is a substitute for fragrance and is used in many products. Simultaneously, it also discards the carpet odour in no time. Hence, citrus oil is one of the deodorizing options for carpets. Lemon or orange are some citrus oil options. Moreover, the oils of peppermint, lavender, cinnamon, and rosemary can also be effective.

Carbon and HEPA filtered air scrubbing

Now, the Carbon and HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtering procedure offers effective treatment for removing carpet odour. Simultaneously, the activated carbon filters and air purifiers are well-versed for carpet deodorization. They together absorb the major chemical proportion from the carpet surface and extract the odour thoroughly.

Chemical and Eco-friendly treatments

Our experts also use professional-grade chemicals for removing carpet odour. Moreover, eco-friendly options like solutions of baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils are also effective in treating carpet odour. It doesn’t harm the carpet’s texture and your safety.

Top reasons to trust us for Carpet Deodorization in Sydney

  • Certified & Licensed: We are a certified and licensed team for Carpet Deodorization in Sydney. Our services are also certified and proven in the industry.
  • Effective Services: Our equipment usage and chemicals are highly effective for carpet deodorization. Further, it is safe on all kinds and types of carpet fabric. At the same time, you and your family will also be protected against any unsafe solution.
  • Competent Team: Our Carpet Deodorization team is excessively competent. Moreover, we are well trained and active to serve the best carpet deodorization services in Sydney. Our master team is active for 365 days with solutions to all your queries.
  • 24 hours Availability: Our year-round availability for 365 days and 24 hours will make any time needed for carpet deodorization possible. Indeed, a reliable carpet deodorization service is the one that is accessible round the clock, and we are the same.


What is a Carpet Deodorizer?

A carpet Deodorizer is a protectant or a protective solution that forms molecular protection that isolates the fibres of the carpet deeply. It helps in retaining the grime and dirt away from your carpet. Thus, this avoids the stain formation on carpets and avoids odour too.

How can I prevent my carpet from releasing a bad odour?

The mess of getting your carpet regularly deodorized can be avoided by preventing the odour from settling on the carpet. First, develop quality ventilation for carpet, remove the spills quickly once you notice them, vacuum your carpets regularly, etc.

Do you provide emergency service?

Yes, our emergency service for carpet deodorization is active for 365 days & 24*7 including weekends, and public holidays.

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