Wet Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Most Thorough Wet Carpet Cleaning Service in Sydney 

If you are looking for a reliable and absolute service for your wet carpets, then reach Flood Damage Restoration Sydney now. We have a solution for cleaning the wet carpets. Contact us on 02 4062 9404 with easy accessibility for 365 days and save your carpet every time it suffers from a flood.

How do we finish your Wet Carpet Cleaning in 4 easy steps?

Our experts offer the standard wet carpet cleaning service in just 4 easy steps. Furthermore, we are abrupt and committed to our service assistance.

1. Schedule Your Service: We are available year-round for 24 hours. You can book our services for your desired locality in Sydney.

2. Meet Your Cleaning Expert: Once you book a meeting with us your meeting will be scheduled by our professionals. Next, we will reach shorty at your doorway for service delivery.

3. Get Professional Advice: Contrarily, our professionals will offer you quality advice for carpet maintenance. Our free-of-cost guidance will help you in restoring your carpets better.

4. Get the Best Cleaning Service: Our wet carpet cleaning service is highly productive in Sydney. Our services are easily accessible, safe, and result-oriented.

Wet Carpet Cleaning Steps That we follow for Superb Results

  • At first, our experts will inspect the affected area’s severity and move the objects out.
  • Next, we follow with water extraction to remove excess water from the carpet with an industrial vacuum.
  • Next, we apply the treatment depending upon the carpet damages.
  • The carpet cleaning materials & air fresheners are used to treat and freshen up the carpet.
  • Now with dehumidifiers, we dry the carpet.
  • Further, we deodorize and sanitize the carpet.
  • Finally, we re-inspect the carpet to see if it has regained its normal texture back.

Cleaning Methods that we use for Wet Carpets

Our cleaning methods are highly proven in the industry to clean the wet carpets for a restored look. Simultaneously, our wet carpet cleaning services are highly cost-effective in Sydney.

  1. Carpet Steam Cleaning: This method needs more water and drying time for carpets. Our Carpet Steam Cleaning method is very beneficial in removing 99% of carpet germs. Also, it is effective in removing moulds and mites.
  2. Carpet Shampooing: This technique is best for carpet stains and odours. In this method, we fill the solution of shampoo in a carpet cleaning appliance. It is then released from the bristles to clean the carpet dirt.

Unique Points of Difference in Wet Carpet Cleaning Service by our team

Flood Damage Restoration Sydney is a phenomenal team to provide top-notch action for wet carpets restoration. Be it residents, homes, apartments, or any workplace, we are functional for all.

1. No hidden fees: We offer upfront pricing for our services. No additional charges or hidden costs are included. Our experts charge the clients for only the size of the job. At the same time, we not only take initiative to be practical but also economical for our clients.

2. Early morning bookings: You can feel free to contact us for making bookings for 365 days. Additionally, we are also active on weekends and public holidays. Moreover, we offer early morning bookings too as per your convenience.

3. Accurate quote: We offer the best and obligation-free quotes to our service seekers. Before appointing our wet carpet cleaning service, you can ask for free quotes. We have mentioned the finest service details in quotes for better service knowledge.

4. Latest Equipment: We believe in adopting modern technology. Therefore our standard and modern equipment have made our tasks done in less time and with better results. Moreover, our tasks are safe with protection assurance for your property and carpets.

5. Stain Wizards: Our knowledgeable cleaners indeed are stain wizards. No matter what size and style of carpet you own, we are adequately skilled to fix all kinds of stains. Consequently, our cleaning solutions and processes are very effective on the toughest carpet stains. Also, we assure the retained texture of your carpet.


1. Do you offer an emergency wet carpet cleaning service?

Yes, we offer the emergency wet carpet cleaning service for 365 days. As your carpet may get affected by severe flood damage anytime, we are attentive at the same time to restore your carpets.

2. Do I need to replace my carpet after it gets affected by floods?

Replacing the carpet after flood damage depends upon the type of water it has been affected with. If your carpet has been triggered with contaminated water then replacement is necessary as it may have germs buildup in it. Next, if the water is not so dirty that it can be treated for better restoration.

3. Does the carpet shrink after flood damage?

No, the carpet does not shrink after flood damage. They can simply get wet and contaminated. Moreover, our procedures are extremely safe on carpet that will not make the carpet shrink but only renovate.

We Accept

We Accept

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