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Buying a luxury carpet is an enormous investment. Simultaneously, when a flood affects the carpet, it demands quality wet carpet drying service.  Therefore, with the experts at Flood Damage Restoration Sydney, you can expect the best drying services for your flood-damaged carpet. Be it of any fabric, size, or layout, we have safe and quality outcome-providing techniques. Dial us today on 02 4062 9404 for booking an appointment. Nevertheless, we offer several service benefits as a trusted wet carpet drying company in Sydney. Above all, we are a top-grade wet carpet drying service provider when a carpet damaged by flood needs quick renovation and restoration.

What do we use to dry your wet carpet?

As a trusted wet carpet drying company, we offer practical and effective solutions for wet carpets renovation. The equipment we use to dry the carpets is vastly superior. We own the best tools in the industry to accomplish our tasks in less time with desired results.

Wet Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

For drying your flood-damaged wet carpets we use the wet carpet vacuum cleaner. The appliance is highly ideal for hassle-free cleaning of the carpet. The vacuum cleaner extracts the water from carpets efficiently. Moreover, it also extracts dust, mites, and stains from the carpet.

Water Extraction Machine

The water extraction machine is effective in removing the excess water from carpets due to flood damage. Our highly proficient professionals operate the water extraction machine skillfully. The appliance is beneficial to reduce the chances of excess damage to the carpets. Also, it prevents the chances of mould development.


A dehumidifier is another appliance to dry the wet carpet. A dehumidifier is used in compact size rooms as well. It thoroughly eliminates the moisture from the carpet and comprises an inlet for the intake of wet air. It traps the moisture to reduce the damage and reach the hidden wet areas easily.

Blower Dryer

A Blower Dryer dries the wet carpet faster. It dries the wet carpet rapidly by submitting a vast amount of air under the wet carpet area. Moreover, it prevents the formation of mildew. The Blower Dryer can be set at the intersection of the dehumidifier. Hence, it reduces the level of moisture to a greater extent. Additionally, Blower Dryer also effortlessly dries the floors, ceilings, and walls.

Carpet Drying Fan

Carpet Drying Fan is a practical appliance that dries wet carpets. This appliance is small in layout but dries the water-affected carpets well for better restoration. It is set in a particular direction to dry the carpet proficiently by allowing proper airflow to it. It delivers a large amount of air for water-damaged carpet for extracting the maximum amount of water and drying it shortly.

Get Emergency Wet Carpet Drying with Experts

Our emergency wet carpet drying service is accessible round the clock. Indeed, our 365 days and 24 hours service assistance have rescued many residential wet carpet issues caused due to water. On the other hand, you can reach out to our emergency team on weekends and public holidays too. We charge reasonably even in emergencies with the best service actions for your desired locations in Sydney.

Why Hire Wet Carpet Drying Team in Sydney From us?

Flood Damage Restoration Sydney has built trust in its clients with reliable services for years. Some reasons below have made us stand best in the industry.

  • Available for large-scale jobs: We are the experts of wet carpet drying services for residences in Sydney. Simultaneously, we also serve our services on a large scale.
  • Drying equipment models are more powerful: We have the best and high-quality equipment. It adds efficiency and speed to our tasks.
  • Fast emergency response: Reach us out for any kind of wet carpet drying emergency. Our emergency service team will assist you with the best solutions.
  • Affordable service charges: We are highly cost-effective. Our affordable services are for every space, be it residential or commercial.


How long will it take for the carpet to dry?

Mostly the carpets take around 6-10 hours for thorough drying. On the contrary, it can also take a complete 24 hours to dry. The time required for drying the carpet completely depends upon the duration of year it is treated, the level of temperature, humidity, and also the level of air circulation.

How rapidly will I be able to walk on the carpet?

At first, you can walk on damp carpets only when you are wearing socks or are barefooted. Next, do not walk on carpets while wearing shoes. Also, keep your kids and pets away from the carpet till it dries completely.

Do you offer the Same Day service for wet carpet drying?

Yes, we offer the rapid same day wet carpet drying service for several Sydney suburbs. Also, we cover the nearby areas with the best treatment for your carpet renovation.

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